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Silestone is natural quartz created for the decoration of kitchens and bathrooms current from a treatment that offers beautiful and varied colors, extraordinary textures and a high performance. Silestone is composed of approximately 94% natural quartz, which gives it a hardness and a resistance extraordinary. It is the first and only countertop in quartz with protection antibacterial, characteristic that gives it qualities of free unique on the market. It is an excellent surface for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, floors and wall coverings with joints to a minimum. It combines the best of natural stone with avant-garde design, is the world leader in quartz surfaces for the home and for public spaces. Silestone® allows you to create new concepts and environments of avant-garde design thanks to its diversity of colors and finishes, strength and flexibility. The leadership of the Silestone® in the international markets has led to what is synonymous with a new category, the surface of quartz antibacterial Silestone®. In Spain, one in every four kitchen worktops is Silestone®, while in the USA, Silestone® has a 75% stake of the market of quartz surfaces and more than 7% on kitchen countertops.


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