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Granite is a rock formed by a set of minerals, but their composition is basically the following: Quartz, a mineral which is colourless; the Feldspar (ortoclase, sanidina and microclina), responsible for the variety of colors, including: red, pink, and cream-gray; and Mica (biotite and moscovite), which gives the brightness to the rock. The colours of the granite found in nature are the tones of gray and reddish, however, are in the colors: white, black, blue, green, yellow, and brown. Additionally, granites may present minerals such as: anfĂ­bolas (hornblende), pyroxenes (augite and hiperstena), olivine, zircon, among others. Features of the Granite: Rock - igneous (formed by cooling of molten magma); - High degree of hardness; - Crystalline; - Staining varied.


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